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KCTC 15220 Alkalispirochaeta sphaeroplastigenens

KCTC No. 15220
Scientific Name Alkalispirochaeta sphaeroplastigenens
NCBI Taxonomy loading..
Kind Bacteria - Spirochaetes
Reference 10.1099/ijs.0.046292-0, 10.1099/ijsem.0.000865
Genome Information
History <- Ch Sasikala, JNT Univ. India
Other Collection No. JC133, NBRC [109056]
Source From sediment of alkaline soda lake, Lonar lake, India
Aero Condition Anaerobic
Temperature 37 ℃
Culture Method
KCTC Media No. KCTC Media No. 1033 : Alkaliphilic spirochaete medium (annexure-1)
Biosafty Level 1
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Title Journal Title Issued year
Spirochaeta sphaeroplastigenens sp. nov., a halo-alkaliphilic, obligately anaerobic spirochaete isolated from soda lake Lonar. - International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology - 2013
Alkalispirochaeta cellulosivorans gen. nov., sp. nov., a cellulose-hydrolysing, alkaliphilic, halotolerant bacterium isolated from the gut of a wood-eating cockroach (Cryptocercus punctulatus), and reclassification of four species of Spirochaeta as new combinations within Alkalispirochaeta gen. nov. - International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology - 2016