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KCTC 22803 Paracoccus fistulariae

KCTC No. 22803
Scientific Name Paracoccus fistulariae
NCBI Taxonomy loading..
Kind Bacteria - Proteobacteria - Alphaproteobacteria
Reference doi: 10.1099/ijs.0.021808-0
Genome Information
History <- JH Yoon, KRIBB
Other Collection No. 22-5, CCUG [58401]
Source From fish intestine, Korea
Product2 Cellulase(-)/Protease()
Aero Condition Aerobic
Temperature 30 ℃
Culture Method
KCTC Media No. KCTC Media No. 187 : Marine Agar 2216 (Difco 0979)
Biosafty Level 1
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- Actively growing culture : ₩75,000 KRW

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Paracoccus fistulariae sp. nov., a lipolytic bacterium isolated from bluespotted cornetfish, Fistularia commersonii. - International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology - 2010