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Patent Deposit

Service fee

Service fee

Service Items International Patent.
Storage fee for deposit
(Bacteria, fungi, yeasts, bacteriophage, viruses, DNA, RNA, plasmids, seeds)
800 USD
Storage fee for deposit (Cell lines, fertilized eggs, micro-algae) 900 USD
Fee for issuing Request for Issuing of Certificate of Survival 70 USD
Fee for issuing other certificates 10 USD
Fee for notifying scientific properties and taxonomical position 10 USD
Fee for re-deposit 70 USD

* Fee does not include transfer costs and bank fees so if you remit the charge, please consider total fee.

Banknote-free payment

  • Account : Kookmin Bank /Seoul, Korea
    469-11 Bongmyong-dong, Yuseong-gu,
    Daejeon, Korea
  • Bank account for fee payment : 461-01-0184-770
  • Account Name : Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB)
  • Swift code : CZNBKRSE
  • Contact : So-Yeon Kim
  • FAX : +82-63-570-5609
  • E-mail :