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Patent Distribution

Patent Distribution

Introduction of Patent Resources

Resources Deposited for International Patent
  • A depositor or a third party should fill out the Request for distribution
  • Qualified persons, who are authorized by the relevant law, should contact us through e-mail for request
  • If you want to distribute a patent resource, please E-mail (patent@kribb.re.kr).
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Method of Requesting Resources Deposited for Patent


  • The strain that you are supplied should be neither given nor re-supplied to a third party.
  • If the supplied biological resource is a microorganism, it will be delivered in an ampule or a cryotube. For ampoules store the supplied biological resource in a refrigerator at 4℃. For cryotube or animal cell lines, store the supplied biological resource in a liquid nitrogen tank. Please conform to the culture conditions for plant cell lines or micro-alga. A survival test should be performed as early as possible after receiving the supplied biological resource.
  • According to the regulations, even an original depositor is charged the distribution cost.