Order KCTC Resources

Patent Distribution


Procedures of Distributioning Resources Deposited for Patent

Qualifications for Request (according to the relevant laws and regulations)
  • 1.A person who has been given permission from the original depositor
    (A written permission should be received from the original depositor.)
  • 2.A person who is qualified with distributioning microorganism samples according to the laws and regulations
    (A certificate should be received from the Korean Intellectual Property Office.)
  • Submission of

    STEP1. Submission of RequestAn original copy of a written request and a copy of payment receipt should be submitted to KCTC by visit or via mail.

  • Delivery of
    Requested Resource

    STEP2. Delivery of Requested ResourceThe requested resource will be delivered through post office home delivery. A user may visit the KCTC directly to receive the resource.

  • Reception

    STEP3. ReceptionThe requested resource is received by the requestor.