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Korean Collection for Type Cultures

KCTC provides general and patent distribution services.

General Distribution

  • Request of Biological Resources1.Request of Biological Resources
  • Payment2.Payment
  • Delivery3.Delivery
STEP1. Request of Biological Resources
Please create a new account, submit an order request, and agree to MTA.
* Please confirm the import regulation of your country for Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2).
If online request is unavailable, please send an e-mail at isales@kribb.re.kr
STEP2. Payment
If you need the invoice, please send an e-mail at (isales@kribb.re.kr)
STEP3. Delivery
KCTC will distribute strain(s) with the invoice, the media composition, the MTA(for distribution), and the ‘Procedure for Reactivating Lyophilized Cultures’.
We usually send the strain(s) by EMS. In special cases, we use FedEx.