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KCTC 1751 Pseudomonas putida

KCTC No. 1751
Scientific Name Pseudomonas putida
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Synonym Pseudomonas fluorescens
Kind Bacteria - Proteobacteria - Gammaproteobacteria
Reference 1
Genome Information
History <- IFO <- E Yabuuchi, KM1081 <- JY Homma <- JM Shewan <- NCIMB <- ATCC <- AB Pardee <- RY Stanier, A.3.12
Other Collection No. A.3.12, ATCC [12633], ATCC [23467], CCUG [12690], CFBP [2066], CIP [52.191], DSM [291], HAMBI [7], IFO (now NBRC) [14164], JCM [13063], JCM [20120], KCTC [1644], LMG [2257], NCIMB [9494], NCAIM [B.01634], NCCB [72006], NCCB [68020], NCTC [10936]
Product2 Cellulase(-)/Protease(+)
Aero Condition Aerobic
Application Degrades aromatic acid [378/384/388]. Bacteriophage host
Temperature 26 ℃
Culture Method
KCTC Media No. KCTC Media No. 774 : TSA medium
, KCTC Media No. 1 : Nutrient Agar
Biosafty Level 1
MTA Restrictions Only NON-COMMERCIAL USE for reference strains and/or academic researches
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- Freeze vial : ₩30,000 KRW
- Actively growing culture : ₩45,000 KRW

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Arthrobacter siderocapsulatus Dubinina and Zhdanov 1975AL is a later subjective synonym of Pseudomonas putida (Trevisan 1889) Migula 1895AL. 2001
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