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KCTC 1790 Clostridium acetobutylicum

KCTC No. 1790
Scientific Name Clostridium acetobutylicum
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Synonym Granulobacter pectinovorum
Kind Bacteria - Firmicutes
Reference 1
Genome Information
History <- DSM <- ATCC <- ER Weyer, Yale Univ., Laboratory of General Bacteriology, New Haven, Connecticut, USA, `Granulobacter pectinovorum`
Other Collection No. 2291, W, ATCC [824], BCRC [10639], CCUG [42182], CECT [508], DSM [792], IAM [19013], IFO [13948], JCM [1419], KCTC [1788], LMG [5710], NBRC [13948], NCCB [29024], NCCB [84048], NCIMB [13357], NRRL [B-527], VKM [B-1787]
Source From cornmeal
Product1 Produces acetone[121/5802], acidolysin [5803] , autobacteriocin [1567], n-butanol [121/5802].
Product2 Cellulase(-)/Protease(-)
Aero Condition Anaerobic
Temperature 37 ℃
Culture Method
KCTC Media No. KCTC Media No. 8 : Reinforced Clostridial Medium
, KCTC Media No. 120 : CAB (Clostridium acetobutylicum) Medium
Biosafty Level 1
MTA Restrictions Only NON-COMMERCIAL USE for reference strains and/or academic researches
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- Freeze vial : ₩90,000 KRW
- Actively growing culture : ₩135,000 KRW

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Acetone?Butanol?Ethanol Production from Waste Seaweed Collected from Gwangalli Beach, Busan, Korea, Based on pH-Controlled and Sequential?… Springer 2018
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