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KCTC 3558 Sporosarcina pasteurii

KCTC No. 3558
Scientific Name Sporosarcina pasteurii
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Kind Bacteria - Firmicutes
Reference 1, 4564 / 10.1099/00207713-51-3-1079
Genome Information
History <- DSM <- ATCC <- FF Lombard <- T Gibson, 22
Other Collection No. 22, Gibson 22, ATCC [11859], CCM [2056], CCUG [7425], CIP [66.21], DSM [33], LMG [7130], NCCB [48021], NCIB [8841], NCIMB [8841], NCTC [4822], NRRL [NRS-673], VKM [B-513]
Source From soil
Product1 Produces urease [2588/2589]
Aero Condition Aerobic
Temperature 30 ℃
Culture Method
KCTC Media No. KCTC Media No. 98 : Tryptic Soy Agar (Difco)
/ KCTC Media No. 525 : CASO AGAR (Merck 105458)
    + (urea (20g/l))
Biosafty Level 1
MTA Restrictions Only NON-COMMERCIAL USE for reference strains and/or academic researches
[Delivery form & Price]
- Freeze vial : ₩50,000 KRW
- Actively growing culture : ₩75,000 KRW

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Title Journal Title Issued year
인하대학교도로및 공항 연구실
?? ?# ?? ? ??# ? ?#?? ?# ? ? ?# ?#??? ??
Sporosarcina aquimarina sp. nov., a bacterium isolated from seawater in Korea, and transfer of Bacillus globisporus (Larkin and Stokes 1967), Bacillus psychrophilus?… 2001
Sporosarcina koreensis sp. nov. and Sporosarcina soli sp. nov., isolated from soil in Korea 2007
Sporosarcina koreensis sp. nov. and Sporosarcina soli sp. nov., isolated from soil in Korea 2007
친환경 도로포장을 위한 시멘트 모르타르 내 미생물학적 침전반응에 관한 초기 연구 2010
콘크리트 포장도로에서 분리한 탄산칼슘형성미생물의 다양한 환경 스트레스반응 2012
Environmental stress response of calcite forming bacteria isolated from concrete pavement 2012
Verification of calcium carbonate by cementation of silt and sand using bacteria 2012
스트론튬 격리화를 위한 요소 분해 박테리아의 분리 및 특성 연구 2013
친환경 바이오그라우팅을 이용한 모래지반 개량 공법 2013
친환경 바이오지반개량 기술 2013
An environmentally friendly soil improvement technology with microorganism 2013
Improvement Method of Sand Ground Using an Environmental Friendly Bio-grouting Material 2013
Isolation and characterization of ureolytic bacteria for biosequestration of strontium 2013
Strength and effectiveness of grouting of sand treated with bacteria 2013
함께하는 지반여행: Q & A 지반공학적 문제에 대한 답을 드립니다 2013
Effects of different calcium salts on calcium carbonate crystal formation by Sporosarcina pasteurii KCTC 3558 Springer 2013
미생물 반응으로 생성된 탄산칼슘을 이용한 모래지반 강도 개선 효과 2014
친환경 지반개량재 혼합에 따른 사질토의 강도 개선 효과 2014
Effect of strength enhancement of soil treated with environment-friendly calcium carbonate powder 2014
Sporulation of Lysinibacillus sphaericus WJ-8 isolated from concrete pavement and response to environmental stresses 2014
다양한 환경에서의 탄산칼슘 생성 균주 분리 및 특성 연구 2014
미생물활성에 의한 시멘테이션 작용을 이용한 모래지반의 안정화 2014
미생물을 활용한 지반개량제의 혼합비율에 따른 사질토의 강도개선 효과 2015
The influence of biocalcification on soil-cement interlocking block compressive strength 2015
Influence de la bio-calcification sur la resistance en compression des blocs autobloquants a base de sol-ciment 2015
Effect of S. pasturii's DNA transfected with soil bacteria to improve soil water retention for plant growth 2016
친환경 그라우트 주입재에 대한 현장투수시험 결과분석 2016
A cost effective cultivation medium for biocalcification of Bacillus pasteurii KCTC 3558 and its effect on cement cubes properties Elsevier 2016
Analysis of homogel uniaxial compression strength on bio grouting material 2016
나주오두제와 영암사자저수지의 바이오그라우팅에 대한 현장 적용성 평가 2016
친환경 고결제와 미생물을 혼합한 점성토의 강도 변화특성 2017
Sustainable Environmental Design using Eco-friendly Biocement 2018
Enhancement in strength parameters of concrete by application of Bacillus bacteria Elsevier 2019
A Novel Microbially Induced Self-Healing Cement/Concrete for Underwater Concrete Offshore Structures 2019
Characterisation of Calcium Carbonate Formed by Bacillus sphaericus Using Urea 2019
An optimum condition of MICP indigenous bacteria with contaminated wastes of heavy metal Springer 2019
Using recycled calcium sources to solidify sandy soil through microbial induced carbonate precipitation Taylor & Francis 2019