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KCTC 3603 Latilactobacillus sakei subsp. sakei

KCTC No. 3603
Scientific Name Latilactobacillus sakei subsp. sakei
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Synonym Lactobacillus sake, Lactobacillus bavaricus, Lactobacillus sake subsp. sake, Lactobacillus sakei subsp. sakei
Kind Bacteria - Firmicutes
Reference 1, 4036 / 10.1099/ijsem.0.004107
Genome Information
History <- JCM <- ATCC <- K Kitahara, T.S(=37)
Other Collection No. T.S., 37, AS [1.2142], ATCC [15521], BCRC [14622], CCUG [30501], CECT [906], CGMCC [1.2142], CIP [103139], DSM [20017], IFO [15893], JCM [1157], LMG [9468], NBRC [15893], NCFB [2714], NCIMB [13090], NRIC [1071], VTT [E-991032], WDCM [00015]
Source From Moto starter of sake
Product2 Cellulase(-)/Protease(+)
Aero Condition Facultative Anaerobic
Temperature 30 ℃
Culture Method
KCTC Media No. KCTC Media No. 178 : MRS Medium (Oxoid CM359; Difco 0881)
Biosafty Level 1
MTA Restrictions Only NON-COMMERCIAL USE for reference strains and/or academic researches
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- Freeze vial : ₩70,000 KRW
- Actively growing culture : ₩105,000 KRW

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