ACM Training Course

Korean Collection for Type Cultures

This is an information and inquiry board provided by KCTC.


Weekly Program of the 9th International Training Course on Microbial Taxonomy
1st Week: Introduction, Phylogenetic analysis
  1. 16S rRNA gene seq. analysis with closely related species
  2. Design experimental schedule
  3. Culture preparation with reference strains
  4. Preservation of the cultures

2nd Week: Quinone
  5. Isoprenoid quinone

3rd Week: Fatty acid, polar lipid
  6. Cellular fatty acids (MIDI)
  7. Polar lipids (phospholipids)

4th Week: Genome analysis
  8. Theory of WGS
  9. Genome analysis

The other experiments including biochemical characterization (API, Biolog) and physiological characteristics (antibiotic resistance etc) and electron microscopy will be performed depend on the necessity of the experiments and schedule of the trainee and his/her supervisor.