About KCTC

Korean Collection for Type Cultures

Introduction of KCTC and Staff.

Person in charge

If you have any questions about KCTC, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

  • Address : 181 Ipsin-gil, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do 56212, Korea
    Korean Collection for Type Cultures (KCTC), Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB)
  • FAX : +82-63-570-5609
  • E-mail : isales@kribb.re.kr

Title_arrowPerson in charge of deposit/distribution (Reception of order; issues related to order; and consultation about order)

Field Person in Charge E-mail
General distribution So-Yeon Kim isales@kribb.re.kr
General deposit Kyuhee Kang deposit@kribb.re.kr
Patent Kyuhee Kang patent@kribb.re.kr
Webpage Yong-Jae Lee tmx@kribb.re.kr
Webpage Jun-Mo Yeon jmyeun@kribb.re.kr


Field Person in Charge E-mail
General Director of JBI Dr. Cha Young Kim kimcy@kribb.re.kr
Head of KCTC
Alpha proteobacteria
Beta proteobacteria
Gamma proteobacteria
Dr. Song-Gun Kim sgkim@kribb.re.kr
Plant cell line Dr. Suk Weon Kim kimsw@kribb.re.kr
Anaerobic bacteria
Delta proteobacteria
Epsilon proteobacteria
General curator for microorganism
Dr. Jung-Sook Lee jslee@kribb.re.kr
Bacteria mediated cancer therapy
Anti-cancer theranostic bacteria derived from gut microbiome
Dr. Seung-Hwan Park biopark@kribb.re.kr
Animal cell line
Animal virus
Dr. Ju Huck Lee juhuck@kribb.re.kr
Fungal genetics
Dr. Mi-Kyung Lee miklee1010@kribb.re.kr
Microalgae Dr. Zhun Li lizhun@kribb.re.kr
Plant cell line
Patent Resources
Dr. Jae Cheol Jeong jcjeong@kribb.re.kr
Bioinformatic analysis of KCTC biological resource Dr. Se Won Kang bioksw@kribb.re.kr
Probiotics resource Dr. Doo-Sang Park dspark@kribb.re.kr
Plant-microbe interactions
Dr. Jiyoung Lee jiyoung1@kribb.re.kr
Host-microbe interaction
Dr. Na-Ri Shin nrshin@kribb.re.kr

Title_arrowPerson in charge of strain (Only cultivation)

Field Person in Charge E-mail
Archaea Keun-Chul Lee kclee@kribb.re.kr
Bacteria Actinobacteria Moon-Soo Rhee msrhee@kribb.re.kr
Firmicutes Keun-Chul Lee kclee@kribb.re.kr
Bacteroidetes Mi-Kyung Eom mkeom@kribb.re.kr
Alpha proteobacteria Kang-Hyun Lee khlee@kribb.re.kr
Beta proteobacteria Kang-Hyun Lee khlee@kribb.re.kr
Gamma proteobacteria Kang-Hyun Lee khlee@kribb.re.kr
Delta proteobacteria Mi-Kyung Eom mkeom@kribb.re.kr
Epsilon proteobacteria Mi-Kyung Eom mkeom@kribb.re.kr
Anaerobic bacteria Mi-Kyung Eom mkeom@kribb.re.kr
Fungi Han-Na Choe hanna86@kribb.re.kr
Yeast Han-Na Choe hanna86@kribb.re.kr
Microalgae Ki-Hyun Kim kimkh@kribb.re.kr
Plant cell line Eun-Yee Jie jeannie@kribb.re.kr
Plasmid Sang-Mi Lee yori0902@kribb.re.kr
Animal cell line
Animal virus
Sang-Mi Lee yori0902@kribb.re.kr
Fertilized egg Yeong-won Seo