Korean Collection for Type Cultures

KCTC provides general and patent distribution services.

1. Patent Distribution

Introduction of Patent Resources

Resources Deposited for International Patent Resources
A depositor or a third party should fill out the Request for distribution. Qualified persons, who are authorized by the relevant law should contact us through e-mail for request. If you want to distribute a patented resource, please e-mail us at patent@kribb.re.kr.
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Method of Requesting Resources Deposited for Patent


The strain that you are supplied with should not be re-supplied to a third party. If the supplied biological resource is a microorganism, it will be delivered in an active cultured plate or a cryotube. Ampoules should be stored in a refrigerator at 4℃. Cryotube or animal cell lines should be stored in a liquid nitrogen tank. Please conform to the culture conditions for plant cell lines or microalgae. A survival test should be performed as early as possible after receiving the supplied biological resource. According to the regulations, even an original depositor is charged the distribution cost.

2. Distribution Procedures

Procedures of Distribution of Resources Deposited for Patent

Qualifications for Request (according to the relevant laws and regulations)
1. A person who has been given permission by the original depositor
(A written permission should be received from the original depositor.)
2. A person who is qualified to distribute microorganism samples according to the laws and regulations
(A certificate should be received from the Korean Intellectual Property Office.)

STEP1. Submission of Request

An original copy of a written request and a copy of payment receipt should be submitted to KCTC by visit or via mail.

STEP2. Delivery of Requested Resource

The requested resource will be delivered through post office home delivery. A user may visit the KCTC office directly to receive the resource.

STEP3. Reception

The requested resource is received by the requestor.

3. Payment and Delivery Address

Introduction to Payment

The distribution fee generated at the KCTC should be pre-paid. Please refer to 'Service Fee' to learn more about the cost. Please note that the distribution is performed only after the payment is verified (Transfer fee is not included). The name of the person paying the fee should be the same name as the requestor.
* In cases of supplies for a patented resource, a copy of the payment receipt should be submitted with a written request for distribution.
* In cases of payment with a credit card, a credit card sales statement will be automatically sent by e-mail.
An electronic tax invoice is issued as a document certifying the payment. In the case of a credit card payment, an electronic tax invoice is not issued. Please contact us (isales@kribb.re.kr) if you have questions about the issuing of an electronic tax invoice or if you need one. If you need an electronic tax invoice, please send us a copy of the business registration certificate via mail or by fax. Neither a price list nor an estimate sheet will be attached. After a survival test is conducted following payment, the paid fee will not be refunded.

Bank Account for Payment

Account : Kookmin Bank /Seoul, Korea 469-11 Bongmyong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea Bank account for fee payment : 461-01-0184-770 Account Name : Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB) Swift code : CZNBKRSE Contact : So-Yeon Kim FAX : +82-63-570-5609 email : isales@kribb.re.kr

Introduction to Delivery

The receipt will be sent with the strain through post office home delivery. The days for delivery are Monday and Thursday. The requests made until the day before the day of delivery will be delivered on the coming delivery day. However, the arrival may be late due to the problems with the post office or for other reasons. Hence, please request a strain early enough to receive it at a desired time.
Address : 181 Ipsin-gil, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do 56212, Korea Person in charge : Kyuhee Kang E -mail : patent@kribb.re.kr

4. Service Fee

Service Fee

Type of Resource International Patent
Bacteria, fungi, yeasts, bacteriophage, viruses, DNA, RNA, plasmids, seeds 100 USD
Cell lines, fertilized eggs, microalgae 150 USD
(Transfer fee is not included)

5. Relevant Forms