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Korean Collection for Type Cultures

KCTC에서는 일반자원 분양과 특허자원 분양 서비스를 제공 합니다.

KCTC AG10273 Trichormus variabilis

KCTC No. AG10273
LMO false
Resource Type microalgae
Scientific Name Trichormus variabilis
Scientific classification Cyanophyceae > Nostocales > Nostocaceae > Anabaena
NCBI Taxonomy loading..
Isolator W.J. Lee
Other Collection No. W-185
Temperature 20-25 ℃
KCTC Media No. 1645
Price ₩ 50000
MTA Restrictions Only NON-COMMERCIAL USE for reference strains and/or academic researches

* KCTC에서 분양받은 자원을 이용하여 논문이나 특허에 사용하실 경우, ‘본 연구에 사용된 생물자원은 KCTC로부터 제공받았음’ 문구를 반드시 기재해주시기 바랍니다.
(영문 : The biological resources used in this research were distributed from KCTC.)

Title_Arrow현재 자원을 인용한 논문

제목 저널명 발행년도
整合?液化學吸收法及光合生物反應器去除煙道氣中二?化?之?究 ir.lib.ncku.edu.tw 2005
Nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium Trichormus variabilis of the Lake Baikal phytoplankton Springer 2008
A cross?species quantitative proteomic study of salt adaptation in a halotolerant environmental isolate using 15N metabolic labelling Wiley Online Library 2008
Morphological and Molecular Analyses of Anabaena variabilis and Trichormus variabilis (Cyanobacteria) from Korea ebr.or.kr 2012