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KCTC 23040

KCTC No. 23040
(KCTC Other No.)
Resource Type Bacteria
Name Actimicrobium antarcticum
Type Strain Yes
Biosafty Level 1
Phylum (ex Phylum) Pseudomonadota (Proteobacteria - Betaproteobacteria)
Genome Information
History <- YM Lee, Polar BioCenter, Korea
Source From sea water, Antarctica
Other Collection No. KOPRI 25157(T), JCM [16673]
Reference 10.1007/s00284-011-9962-9
KCTC Media No. KCTC Media No. 493 : R2A agar medium
Oxygen Requirement Aerobic
Temperature 15 ℃
pH netural pH 배양 가능 (배지정보 참조)
Incubation Time 7day [활성상태 계대배양 기준이므로 앰퓰, 스탁 등 장기보존체 배양의 경우 다를 수 있음]
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- Freeze vial (Regular distribution): $90,000 KRW
- Actively growing culture (Active culture distribution): ₩135 KRW
* For regular distribution of animal cell strains to other countries, a separate dry ice fee (packing charges $500) will be added.
※ If you are picking up an animal cell strain in person, you must bring your own dry ice or liquid nitrogen.
MTA Restrictions Only NON-COMMERCIAL USE for reference strains and/or academic researches

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Microbiological analysis of extremophilous communities of Antarctica, the Arctic zone and lake Baikal 2010
Actimicrobium antarcticum gen. nov., sp. nov., of the family Oxalobacteraceae, isolated from Antarctic coastal seawater Springer 2011

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